More than just colouring books…

I’m on a mission to introduce and transform Islamic Education and Values to children through simplified, well designed, fun and authentic material. My content is designed with the modern Muslim family in mind. I want to help parents inspire a young generation of up and coming Muslims to learn, practise and propagate the beautiful and complete teachings of Islam through innovative, fun and creative learning.

There is plenty of visual and auditory Islamic material out there for people to learn from. But what about our children? It’s known that most learn and develop best through play and by actively engaging with what’s in front of them. This helps them build their self worth, concentration and ability to recall ideas and information. Not to mention the fun they have and social skills that are developed whether with family or friends.

With my experience in design, my work with children and being a father of three, I know that with Allah’s help and support, we can produce generations of proud and confident Muslim children, who go on to do amazing things for Islam, their parents and the world!

– Your brother (and Uncle!)